Online piano is an online simulated piano playing game.  If you don’t have a keyboard in reality, and if you also like to play the piano, then this online game can let you have good music experience, feel the charm of the piano, and play exquisite and smooth music.

Online piano’s game operations

In Online piano, its operation is straightforward.  You can click the keys with the left mouse button.  You can also play your favorite music by pressing the corresponding keys according to the letters on the keys.  As you can see, you can see the keys inside the game screen, and you can play them in the above two ways, or you can use the left mouse button to click on the keys continuously to make a long run of music.

Online piano’s game features

Online piano is a simple playing game, where you can play independently and pop up your favorite music symbols.  It has precious keys and can let you play to your heart’s content.  Furthermore, you can exert your creativity and create beautiful music here.  It also has a full-screen mode, and you can play the piano under the full screen.

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